Do I have to give my neighbor the good side of the fence?

Kelsey W. Popham

Good Neighbor Vibes or The Great Wall of Contention?

So, imagine you’re all set to build this beautiful fence. You’ve picked the style, and the color, and even imagined how it’d look during a sunset. But then, bam! A thought strikes: “Which side does my neighbor get to see?” Totally valid! And while you might be thinking about laws, sometimes it’s just about being a decent neighbor.

Good Side, Bad Side, and Yep, The Rules

Many places have something affectionately (or not-so-affectionately) known as the “Good Neighbor Fence Law.” It doesn’t insist on you and your next-door pal being BFFs, but it does give some guidelines about fence-facing etiquette.

Typically, this law nudges you to let the polished, neat side, aka the “good side,” face outwards. So, that means your neighbors and the occasional passerby get the Instagram-ready side, while you might be viewing the nuts and bolts holding it all together.

But before you rally the troops to protest, let’s dive into why this might be more of a win-win than a win-lose.

So, Why the Good Side Out?

First up, it’s about making the whole street or block look neat. A good side facing outward just polishes up the whole neighborhood look. Think of it as combing your hair before a video call; it’s courteous and makes everything seem a bit more put together.

Second, and here’s the silver lining, if your neighbors love what they’re seeing, they’re less likely to raise a fuss about it. You’ll have a peaceful fence and peaceful vibes all around.

And If the Neighbor’s Not on Board?

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, disagreements pop up. If you find yourself locking horns over fence designs or the “which side is the right side” debate, communication is key. Chatting it out can clear up misconceptions. If that doesn’t smooth things over, consider mediation or even some legal guidance. Let’s hope it doesn’t reach that stage, though!

Double-Sided Beauty

For those still worried about “ugly side” syndrome, here’s some good news. There are fence designs that are a treat for the eyes, no matter which side you’re on. Think symmetrical designs that don’t play favorites. So, everyone’s a winner!

In Conclusion

So, do you have to give your neighbor the good side of the fence? From a legal standpoint, in many places, yes. From an etiquette viewpoint? It’s just neighborly love. And honestly, a few structural bits showing on your side aren’t a major downer.

Building fences isn’t about setting up barriers in relationships. It’s about creating boundaries while still maintaining good vibes. If ever in doubt, aim for a solution that brings smiles on both sides of the fence. Peaceful boundaries, after all, make for peaceful neighbors. Cheers to that!

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