Plumbing Issues That You Should NEVER DIY

Kelsey W. Popham
Plumbing Problems You Shouldn't DIY Yourself | Did You Know Homes

More often than not, homeowners try to fix plumbing issues first before calling a seasoned plumber to help with the problem. The problem with this is that the issue sometimes gets worse instead of being resolved immediately. This article lists down some of the DIY plumbing solutions that you should never try. Otherwise, you may be faced with a major plumbing problem that could have been avoided in the first place.


No, you can never DIY resolving a plumbing issue that already escalated in flooding. In fact, this already constitutes a plumbing emergency that merits the presence of an emergency plumber. While burst pipes are the most common causes of flooding in your home, even a blocked one that already gave way to a leak can also be a culprit. You may think that simply clearing the blockage will solve the problem. However, when you damage the pipe in an attempt to take out the block, then you may be faced with a bigger plumbing emergency.

Standing Water

Another plumbing issue that you should never try to DIY is standing water. While you may think that it is as simple as clearing up the water collected, you have to find the root cause of the problem to address it for good. The problem with this is that there can be many causes when it comes to standing water. It can be a clogged sewer line or a leaky pipe. A professional plumber will be able to identify and resolve this in no time.

Foul Odour

Finally, you should never attempt to address a bad smell coming from your plumbing system by yourself. More often than not, a foul odour is a result of a bigger underlying plumbing issue, such as a tricky blocked drain Dulwich Hill households often encounter. Sometimes, taking your pipes apart is even necessary to help resolve the problem and only seasoned plumbers will be able to do this precisely. For this reason, just call the professionals as soon as you smell something funny coming from your plumbing system.

Final Word

As much as possible, leave the resolution of certain plumbing issues in the hands of the experts. They are the ones who are in the best position to help you because apart from extensive knowledge from the training they went through, they also have sufficient experience in the field. Not only this but they are equipped with the proper tools as well. Thus, rather than attempting a DIY solution that may only be temporary, call a seasoned plumber instead.

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