Do you know about flat roofing?

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The flat roof has often been there for centuries. A flat roof provides shelter to your home and the people in the house . So a good roof for any house is the highest priority. A roof protects the house and its occupants from various elements such as storm, rain, heat, snow etc. Different types of roofs are used for a house such as gamble roof, shell roof, sloping roof etc. So choosing the right types of roof for your home is essential. Of these, two different types of roofs are more popular. One is a sloping roof and the other is a flat roof. Let’s learn about flat roofs.

What is a flat roof?

Flat roofing is one of the most common types of roofing. Roofs that have mostly flat surfaces or angles less than 10 degree from horizontal are called flat roofs. The flat roof is also very popular as a terrace roof. The flat roofed house is becoming more and more popular day by day for its pleasing appearance and use of multiple options. The flat roof designs are so simple that it can be used for various purposes like: various occasions, for play, for gardening etc.

Types of flat Roofs:

There are several differences between what a flat roof looks like and how it is made. So learning about the different types of flat roofs will help you determine the roof for your home.

Here are the different types of flat roofing materials:

Thermoplastic Membrane Flat Roof(PVC or TPO)

This type of roof is a single ply layer on the fixed elements of the layer on the fixed elements of the roof with screws and plates. These are usually white and grey in colour  but may be of other colours. Ability to withstand high temperatures and last longer. Thermoplastic membrane roofs come in two types: Thermoplastic olefin(TPO) and polyvinyl chloride(PVC). Because of the low cost of raising these goats, they remain a popular option for being more powerful and more durable. These can last up to 20 years.

Build Up Roof(BUR)

Build-up roofs have often been the ministry of flat roof foundations for over 100 years. These roofs are usually made of pebbles, stones or textured tar. These last up to 15 to 20 years if well maintained.On the downsides, however, it does not play a significant role in adverse weather conditions, and once a leak course, it is difficult to detect.

Rubber Membrane Flat Roof(EPDM)

The EPDM is basically an elastomeric, waterproof, durable and extremely soft synthetic rubber that is used as a single-ply roof. The EPDM roof is made of a waterproof roof membrane by joining rubber sheets together. This roof is the easiest to maintain and repair.

Green Flat Roof System

Everything that is environmentally friendly is acceptable to us in the world of roof. Green roofs are made from living plants.This roof has a pleasing feel and low electricity bill.This roof has the ability to absorb air pollution.To build this roof you must make sure that at least 1.4 inches of infrastructure can be well placed on your roof.These roofs need to be weeded regularly every day so that the invasive plants do not damage your roof.

Benefits of Flat Roof

  • Installing a flat roof is very easy compared to other roofs.
  • Its construction cost is economical and at the same time it provides good lighting ,ventilation and appearance.
  • Flat roof removes heat from the room in hot climates and keeps the rooms cool during cold weather.
  • Flat roof is able to easily cover the building of any design.
  • In multi-storey houses, offices, apartments, flat roofs are used so that TV antennas, water tanks etc. are placed on the roofs.
  • In the design of a flat roof house, if it is necessary to construct the upper floor, it can be done easily but in case of sloping it cannot be done.

Finally, a flat roof is a roof suitable for any design building. It is popular with everyone as there is no problem.However,care must be taken to ensure that rainwater does not accumulate on the flat roof and adequate maintenance is required.

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