How much does the Mold Inspection cost?

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Mold is a threat to your health, property, and finances. When you choose to hire a professional Mold Testing & Inspection Company, you are protecting your home or business from further damage by reducing the spread of mold and the associated health problems. For more information on the dangers of mold and how it can affect your family or employees, please contact us today for a free consultation!

Why should I use a mold inspection and mold testing company?

As you know, there is a lot of information out there about mold and how to remove it. Unfortunately, not all of this information is accurate. The truth is that most people who attempt to tackle a mold problem on their end up causing additional damage to their property and making the situation worse. Even if you have some experience with DIY projects, it’s simply not possible for you to properly identify whether or not you have mold until it has been tested by professionals.

If you’re looking for professional help with your home or business, we invite you to contact us today! For more information mold testing cost

What do an indoor mold inspection and mold testing consist of?

A professional indoor mold inspection and testing service is a comprehensive process that begins with an inspection of your home or business. A licensed home inspector will use a moisture meter to determine if there are any areas in your home that are prone to moisture damage. The inspector will also look at ventilation systems and HVAC components to ensure they’re properly functioning.

If the inspector finds signs of water damage, he or she will recommend additional testing to determine whether you have mold growth in your home or workplace. This additional testing can be done using several methods:

  • A tape test involves taking samples from suspected areas of mold growth, pressing them onto a piece of clear tape, and then comparing them with tapes containing known quantities of mold spores (the most common method) or using special color-changing tapes that indicate when spore counts reach levels indicative of active contamination (a newer method).
  • Air sampling uses vacuumed air filters or samplers placed near suspected sources for up to 24 hours; the filters are then analyzed for airborne particles such as spores, mycotoxins (toxins produced by molds), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), endotoxins (toxins released by some bacteria), dust and dander from animals such as rats or mice; results may be reported visually on graphs showing how much was collected over time so homeowners know if there’s been an increase in activity since previous tests were taken

How do you determine where my visible mold is coming from?

Mold testing and mold inspection is a process, not a one-time event. It’s not something that you can do in one day and be done with it. There are multiple steps involved in testing for mold infestation, including:

  • Finding the source of the problem
  • Determining where your visible mold is coming from
  • Testing for spores in each room of your home or business

Do I qualify for a mold inspection? If so, what are the steps to schedule a Mold Inspection?

Mold inspectors are specially trained in the identification and removal of mold. They will come to your home or business and inspect the property for mold. The inspector will look for visible mold, moisture, and signs of water damage. Mold inspectors take air samples, which are sent to a lab for testing. Once all test results are returned, a written report is provided that outlines any concerns with the findings of your inspection.

What is a third-party lab and why do you require this?

A third-party lab is a lab that is not affiliated with the company that is performing the inspection. By having an independent lab conduct your mold testing, you are ensuring that your results are accurate and unbiased, for more information facts about mold

In addition to accuracy, a third-party lab provides you with peace of mind by providing a report that can be used in court if necessary. This means that if there were ever an issue regarding mold growth, you would have proof of its presence before it became a problem.

How much does the Mold Inspection cost?

The cost of a mold inspection is not the same for every person, property, or location. The price depends on where you live and how big your home or business is. The price can range anywhere from $350 to $500, but this will vary depending on whether you have a small home or a large commercial building.

The price for a mold inspection is usually deducted from the overall cost of remedying the problem if you choose to go through with it.


I hope that this information has helped answer your questions about mold testing and mold inspection. If you would like more information on our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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