What Kinds of Services Does a Handyman Provide? 

Kelsey W. Popham

People who work as handymen offer a myriad of services. There are also handymen who choose to specialize in a certain area. They will offer a certain set of services through the year. There are also handymen who offer a more general range of services. Some handymen offer seasonal services as well, such as working with the heating system during winter. 

But what about the most common services that a handyman performs? 

1. Installing Drywall 

A popular task that you can find customers asking you to do is drywall installation. This service is so popular that there are handymen who only offer this service. You can consider specializing in how to install fresh drywall when a home is being remodeled, or to remediate damage from water. 

If you want to offer this service, then you should already have the equipment you’ll need. You should also know how to make precise measurements, cut and then do drywall installation at homes. 

2. Replacing Fixtures 

Fixtures commonly found in homes such as lights, cabinets and even kitchen faucets, tend to wear out over time. They may need to be repaired or replaced altogether. There are many homeowners who prefer to call a professional to replace fixtures for them. 

You don’t need to have a license to offer this service. So many handymen opt to provide this service. Keep in mind that there may be certain kinds of jobs, such as fixing a lighting system, that requires you to be licensed. 

3. Smart Home Upgrades 

You should be able to enter the homes of clients, and then install upgrades that turn their home into a smart home. You may need to install doorbells or thermostats or even sensors. It’s a good idea to get yourself certified to install certain products. When it comes to some upgrades, you may need to have specialized knowledge as well. 

4. Painting 

A popular request you may find yourself called on to do is to paint interiors as well as exteriors. You can be asked to repaint the whole home, and you’ll need to have the right tools to do this job. This includes paint rollers, tape, drop cloths, furniture covers and even ladders. You can choose to just offer painting services since they’re so popular. 

5. Power Washing 

The sidewalks as well as the walls on the exterior of homes need to be cleaned. This applies to driveways, as well as the floors of garages. You can even be called in to clean roofs. This is as such areas tend to become caked in dirt and debris, which leads to discoloration. 

You’ll need to have the proper equipment to offer this service. You’ll need a water compressor that is of high-grade. This can be expensive which is why not all handymen offer this service. 

You should also consider insurance for handyman. This is as your career leaves you vulnerable to certain risks, such as getting sued by clients. With insurance for handyman you can protect your career as well as your finances. If you would like to learn more about insurance for handyman, then click here

6. Installing Tiles 

Another popular service you can offer is installing tiles. You’ll need to know how adhesive is laid, and you’ll also need to make the area smooth. Finally, you’ll need to install the tiles over it. And this is just the basics. 

You also need to have other skills, such as knowing how floor space is measured. The tiles may need to be cut precisely and then laid down carefully. You’ll need to take into account the corners and edges of the room, among many other factors. 

7. Repairing Windows 

For a small fee, you can also repair the windows of your clients. You may need to clean broken glass and then replace the frame of the window. The window may also itself need to be replaced.

8. Repairing Small Appliances 

Homeowners who have small appliances that need minor repair may not want to replace the whole thing. This is when they choose to approach a handyman to ask them to repair their small appliances. This is a useful skill to have if you’re a handyman, and can help you make more money. If the cost of repairing the appliance is less than the cost of replacing it, then people would naturally choose to get the small appliance repaired. 


You can offer various skills as a handyman. The more skills you offer, the more kinds of projects  you’ll be able to take on. Use this guide to learn all about the different services you can offer as a handyman. 

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