The Best Wax Warmers (2022)

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Beautiful wax warmer

Beautiful wax warmer

Scents have a unique way of elevating the ambiance in your home. There are many ways to spread them around the house, such as room dispensers, scented candles, and automatic air fresheners. But nothing works quite as nicely as electric wax warmers! They evenly disperse pleasant fragrances in your space without the risk of a fire hazard. As a bonus, they also look gorgeous, thanks to the charming backlit lamp design

Just place some scented wax tarts or oils on the lid of the wax warmer and plug it into a power outlet. Within a couple of minutes, your room will start smelling like paradise — what a wonderful feeling! We’ve hand-picked our favorite wax warmers of 2022 that works like a charm and can easily be found online. Without wasting valuable seconds, let’s jump straight in.

Top Picks

Best overall: Enaroma Wax Warmer

Enaroma wax melts warmer designed with classic black forest

Enaroma wax melts warmer designed with classic black forest

Sitting at the topmost position, we’ve got the Enaroma wax warmer. It has a unique forest silhouette design that lights up, adding to the aesthetics of your room. You can even place it on your bedside table and use it as a soft night light as well! This model is extremely easy to use — just plug it in and the heating plates will fill up the entire room with your favorite scent. There’s no flame, smoke, or soot involved. Thanks to its efficiency and practicality, this wax warmer stand out as the best available option on our list!

Key Features:

  • Material: Metal

  • Available in black and white

  • Uses an energy-efficient LED bulb

  • Features seven different light colors

Highest rated: EQUSUPRO Wax Warmer

Our wax warmer burner is made of colorful glass and manually painted, a perfect addition to any contemporary home, office, gym, spa or studio

Our wax warmer burner is made of colorful glass and manually painted, a perfect addition to any contemporary home, office, gym, spa or studio

In the runner-up position, we have an electric wax warmer from Equsupro. Unsurprisingly, this is also the highest-rated product on this list, boasting 4.7 out of 5 stars with over 5,500 reviews. One of the things that most people love about this model is that it’s carefully hand-made by professional technicians. It’s durable, safely maintains a stable temperature, and works with scented melts, wax cubes, fragrant oil, and tarts. It also has a night light feature that adds to its striking appearance whether you put it in the bedroom, living room or lounge!

Key Features:

Easiest to use: Candle Warmers Etc Wax Warmer

Inspired by the famous home canning jars, this porcelain fragrance warmer glows when lit

Inspired by the famous home canning jars, this porcelain fragrance warmer glows when lit

If you’re looking for a simple and wire-free solution, then you should check out this wax warmer from Candle Warmers Etc. It plugs directly into the socket and doesn’t have any cords or plugs. Just put some oil or wax in the dish and turn the switch on. Voila! The base of the plug twists at a 90° angle which allows you to insert it into all the sockets in your home, whether they’re horizontal or vertical. The design is simple and appealing with “Home Sweet Home” written on it, along with vibrant little lights circling around! Overall, it’s a valuable addition to any room in your house.

Key Features:

Best looking: Bobolyn Wax Warmer

Carving ceramic, a special and contemporary design, illuminates the environment with a starry sky illusion

Carving ceramic, a special and contemporary design, illuminates the environment with a starry sky illusion

At number four, we’ve got this gorgeous-looking electric wax warmer from Bobolyn. It comes in a few different styles that can light up your room’s aesthetic, both literally and figuratively. At nighttime, this model emits a convenient light and pleasing fragrance that will help you fall asleep a lot faster. It is extremely power-savvy, so it won’t use even a tiny bit of electricity. If you’re someone who values aesthetics, don’t worry — this wax warmer comes in a variety of different charming designs. And, before finalizing your purchase, you’ll have a chance to briefly review each design on their official product site.

Key Features:

Most minimalistic: Kobodon Wax Warmer

Make a fashionable statement at home with styles that match any décor

Make a fashionable statement at home with styles that match any décor

Sometimes, all you need is an aromatic boost in your room, not an extra night light or projected patterns on the wall. If that sounds like you, the Kobodon wax warmer is the perfect purchase. It’s simple, minimalistic, and does a great job of diffusing your favorite smells all over the place. Just place your wax tarts, candles, or fragrance oils on its tray and power it on. It quickly spreads the scent throughout the area of your choice in just a couple of seconds. You’re also able to place it anywhere, whether it be the bedroom, office, kitchen, basement or garage.

Key Features:

Buying guide: Wax warmers

Here are some of the most important elements you should consider when you’re in the marketplace for an electric wax warmer.

Is the heating speed important?

This represents how quickly the wax warmer melts the candles and diffuses the oils (i.e., how fast it spreads fragrances in a room).

You should specifically look for a model that has the perfect tradeoff between speed and efficiency.

What are the different designs of wax warmers?

The next thing that you should pay attention to is the design of the wax warmer. Most models come with attractive designs that light up and display gorgeous patterns or images, while others are extremely basic and have a minimalist design.

If you’re shopping online, make sure to look at pictures of the product both when it’s turned off and lit up.

What’s the ideal capacity for your demands?

No one likes having to restock their wax warmers every other hour! Ideally, the dish compartment should have enough capacity to hold a significant amount of wax tarts or fragrance oils.

On average, electric wax warmers have the capacity to hold a sizable amount of wax, oil or candles.

Search for safety features

One of the most substantial reasons why people choose wax warmers over scented candles or sticks is safety. Wax warmers are electric, thus reducing the chance of a fire hazard.

But, just remember, even though electric wax warmers do not involve flames and don’t need a lighter to turn on, they can still technically be a fire hazard. If you leave them unattended for too long they can overheat and burn like any electric appliance, so be sure to search for safety features as well. Here is a couple:

  • Automatic shutoff: One of the most important safety features is automatic shutoff. This function immediately shuts down the entire wax warmer once the fragrance oil runs out, preventing overheating. What a relief.

  • Touch cool design: There are also a few wax warmers that are designed to stay cold to the touch from the outside. They may also have a covering on top (with cavities) to make sure kids or pets cannot touch melted wax, as that can lead to severe burn injuries.

Is the wax warmer easy to use?

A wax warmer should be simple to use! While most of the models are plug and play, some manufacturers take it one step further to maximize the user’s convenience.

For instance, there are a few wax warmers that don’t have any wires at all. As a result, you can move them around the entire house without a problem. You can even plug them into your bathroom for a while to quickly get rid of all types of nasty odors. These offer minimum hassle and maximum portability!

Look at the wax warmer’s compatibility

Some wax warmers only work with wax tarts, while others are also compatible with fragrance oils and scented candles. Ideally, you should look for a model that features universal compatibility.

You can typically find this specific information mentioned somewhere on the manufacturer’s website. But, if you can’t manage to find anything, be sure to get in communication with their customer service.

People also asked

Q: Can I leave my wax warmer turned on for a longer period?

A: As long as you refill your wax warmers on a timely basis, you can leave them on all the time.

Q: How fast do wax tarts run out in a wax warmer?

A: This can vary depending on the size of the wax tarts you have. Some only last one day, while others can run for days with occasional use.

Q: Can I put on essential oils in my wax warmer?

A: Yes, just add a few drops of your favorite oil and the wax warner will dissipate the scent throughout the entire room.

Q: My wax warmer arrived in pieces. What can I do?

A: If you kept the invoice or receipt, you will be able to request a replacement by contacting the product’s manufacturer.


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