Suwit – Muay Thai gym in Thailand at Phuket and my architecture information

Kelsey W. Popham

One of the things I have always maintained is that only a few architecture and designs compete with the ones you find in Asia (Phuket, Thailand). And if you are looking for the best architectural designs in Thailand, you should look to a place with history, culture, people, and meaning – this is what started my Muay Thai journey in Thailand. 

  • Glorious-looking Muay Thai buildings 

On my journey from the airports, I couldn’t help but notice that some of the most beautiful and innovative buildings were either Muay Thai camps or had something to do with. These buildings were not necessarily “loud” in designs” but came with the awareness that sage architects intentionally designed them. 

  • Perfect constructions of gyms and fitness houses 

Arguably one of the biggest businesses now in Thailand, fitness centers is springing up almost in every corner and area of the country. There is hardly a corner where you will not find a beautiful structure going up for the “excuse” of fitness.  

Oh, I love the Thai love for fitness shown through Muay Thai 

  • Muay Thai training centers 

For my love of good architecture, I decided to visit one of the famous and ancient Muay Thai camps (there are many). Even though I promised to be unchanged by whatever I saw, the inner architecture of the place still blew me off my feet.  

Muay Thai architects are intentional and stylish in arranging camps, training areas, meditation centers, and resting areas. I was even tempted by the beautiful and custom swimming pool where trainees relaxed.    

  • Loving the camps 

If the training centers were great, then the camps are far better. These are not just ordinary camps or hostels; they are Muay Thai camos. The well-spaced rooms and suites are well suited in the European styles as if expecting a host of them over the holidays (and yes, they do come).  

The Muay Thai camps are nothing like other camps affiliated with training centers; they are a place to call home for any camper.  

Did I participate in some Muay Thai training? 

Of course, Yes, who would miss the opportunity to train at such a modern, yet medieval-themed structure. I learned some of the Muay Thai moves and skills until my legs and back had me feeling like a young man in an old body.  

I enjoyed practicing those custom moves, especially when I got paired with other tourists like me. Trust me, I got a chance to speak to many of them, and we were on the same page of all having a good time. 

My improvements in Muay Thai at Suwit gym?

I think Muay Thai is great for the people regardless of their life interests. There are health benefits to Muay Thai, which I explored even though I was on an architecture- vacation.  Phuket city is a good choice to learn Muay Thai in Thailand. Suwit – Muay Thai gym in Thailand at Phuket is a good Muay Thai gym.   I think there is a lot the world needs to learn from Muay Thai architecture – I could find some improved medieval styles I could not find anywhere else. And the Muay Thai Real Estate business is some unrefined gold right now in Thailand.

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