Can You Improve Property Your Value By Replacing Doors?

Kelsey W. Popham


Before spending on a home improvement project, you should consider how much you will recoup from the installations or ROI during resale. Most homeowners prefer renovating their kitchen and bathrooms, but they can be costly and may not provide a high return on investment. Fortunately, many other affordable home improvements, such as replacing interior and exterior doors and installing quality wainscoting from Doors Plus, can increase property value.  

According to Remodeling Magazine, the average ROI for garage doors is 93.8%, while front doors can give up to 65%. However, your resale value isn’t dependent only on the front door. Interior doors can also increase resale value by improving room privacy. This makes it worthwhile to replace your old doors.

How Does Replacing Exterior Doors Increase Resale Value?

The front door is a significant contributor to your home’s overall curb appeal. Replacing the front door can add up to $24,000 to your property’s perceived value in the following ways:

  • Attracts Potential Buyers

Homeowners can tell a lot and get their first impression from the appearance of your front home. The condition of your front door says a lot about the entire building. Potential buyers will perceive that you don’t care about the house if the first thing they see is a chipped, faded, or cracked front door. Poorly kept doors will also raise suspicions of other problems in the building, specifically the foundation.

  • Adds Color

According to several studies, homes with vibrant or engaging color schemes encourage prospective buyers to make offers. Color psychology has shown that the brain is sensitive to surrounding hues. Real estate agents also report difficulties selling houses with less popular color schemes.

  • Makes the Home Energy Efficient

Quality exterior doors can maintain indoor temperatures, reducing energy bills by 15%. Modern doors made from fiberglass material are the best for homeowners who want energy-efficient homes. Smart options are also available for homeowners who prefer energy-efficient vinyl and wood doors.

How Does Replacing Exterior Doors Increase Resale Value?

While interior doors are not immediately visible to potential buyers, interior door replacement should focus on getting a quality design for better resale value. Below are a few ways interior doors increase resale value:

  • Aesthetic Appeal

Like roof replacement, the aesthetic cohesion brought by interior doors to your home’s character is crucial in improving its value. Mismatched doors with different qualities can turn off potential buyers who are excited to make their offers.

  • Increased Privacy

Replacing old and worn-out interior doors with quality doors can increase safety and privacy and minimize noise pollution in your house. Your child could be playing the drum or any other musical instrument in one room while someone enjoys a quiet time in the next room. Interior doors with excellent noise cancellation ability are a great selling point.


Door replacement is a beneficial home improvement project that can increase property value and shorten the selling process. However, you should be cautious when choosing doors for your house. Regardless of their quality, installing interior and exterior doors that clash with the general décor and scheme can harm the resale value. Wooden doors are best for contemporary décor, while metal and glass options are best for modern style. 

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