4 Most Common Electrical Issues You Need to Know

Kelsey W. Popham
Five Most Common Electrical Problems In Your Home | Gillett Electrical

In most instances, you need the help of a licensed electrician to address your electrical issues. However, there are also cases wherein you don’t necessarily need to hire an electrician immediately. To know which needs their prompt attention as well as which ones can be addressed on your own, this article lists down some of the most common electrical issues in Australian households.

Frequent Surges

One of the most common electrical issues that you need to know is the occurrence of frequent surges that are often caused by flashes of lightning. An experienced residential electrician Melbourne professional would definitely suggest that you have your wiring checked if you are experiencing frequent surges even without flashes of lightning. While you can use a surge protector, it may be unable to handle a lightning strike.

Overloaded Circuit

Your appliances are designed to carry a certain amount of current to flow into them. However, when the current exceeds their normal rating, you will most likely get an overloaded circuit, causing your wires to spark, leading to an electrical fire. There may be instances wherein you may opt to reset a tripped breaker but if you are constantly doing this, then you may need to check what is plugged in the circuit.

Limited Outlets

Another common electrical issue that you may need to know is the presence of limited outlets. While you may think that this may not be an electrical issue at all, it can become one as soon as you start using outlet extenders to plug in more and more appliances at once. This can lead to an overloaded circuit that can not only damage your appliances but can lead to an electrical fire as well.

Incorrect Lights

Finally, even the use of incorrect lights can be considered as one of the most common electrical issues that you need to be aware of. You have to keep in mind that some lights can be brighter or dimmer than others because of varying wattage. If you are aware of this, you will be in a better position to decide their placement in your home.

On the other hand, flickering lights can be a result of frayed wiring that can start a fire. When you have lights burning out often, some of the culprits can be a wattage that is too high or insulation that is too close to the light source. Even poor wiring on the circuit as well as too much wattage on one dimmer switch can also cause your lights to burn out often.

Final Word

The electrical issues listed above are only some of the ones that you need to be aware of. Some others include electrical shocks as well as a high electric bill. The key is to get in touch with professional electricians as soon as you deem that the problem is better left in their hands. After ensuring your electric system, it’s good to connect to an affordable and reliable provider. Research Reliant Energy reviews to see the good experiences people have had with this company.

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