The Best Cushion Designer Brands You Need to Know About

Best Cushions Australia: Top 10 Designer Brands

Refurnishing your bedroom or sitting room is a detail-oriented task. The cushions, for example, add the final touch and create an inviting and comfortable ambience. When you’re shopping for cushions, you want to pick items that evoke pleasant emotions.

These cushion designer brands are worth exploring for every homeowner who is passionate about making their home interior stand out.

1. The Chateau by Angel Strawbridge Cushions

This cushion collection draws inspiration from the fairytale-like French Chateau de la Motte Husson. The owners, Dick and Angel Strawbridge, have made fame with their “Escape to the Chateau” series on Channel 4.

The neo-renaissance-style chateau’s furnishings can now complement any UK home. Numerous shop cushions UK businesses cite this brand as their most popular collection.

Choose from beautiful and stylish cushions like Potagerie, Nouveau Heron, Chateau Theatre, Le Chateau des Animaux, Mademoiselle Daisy, and many others.

You can choose from feather and fibre-filled cushions in the standard 43 cm x 43 cm size.

2. Jack Wills for Some UK Pride

Jack Wills is a legendary Salcombe-based British clothing brand. Their home items, including cushions, are some of the best selling products for many businesses.

Make a statement and add a timeless touch of class to your furniture with some of Jack Wills’s best cushions. Show love for your country by getting Union Jack cushions in soft blue, navy, and pink or add a classic touch with the Heritage Stripe models.

Jack Wills pillows are available in 50 cm x 50 cm and 30 cm x 50 cm sizes.

3. Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston is your go-to international furnishing company for vintage and handicraft-themed items. The quintessentially British lifestyle is embodied in all their designs.

Shop for the most popular Darling and Cherished cushions or add some elegance with the Spitalfields model. Make any room shine with the Strawberry Garden or Marble Hearts designs.

All Cath Kidston cushions are made from high-quality cotton or polyester and are available in numerous sizes.

4. Amanda Holden Cushions

Are you looking to add glamour and style to your bedroom? If so, the legendary Amanda Holden has some designs in store for you. Beautiful round and square pillows like Champagne Bubbles and Confetti Round are perfect for teenage and adult rooms alike.

The sophisticated slogan “Never give up” cushion is one of the best-selling products from her line.

5. Orla Kiely

Orla Kiely’s Stem pattern is one of the most recognisable in modern-day fashion. Her trendy cushion line is cheerful, colourful, and guaranteed to bring positivity to any space. Pick a pattern in your favourite colour (grey, persimmon, sunflower, duck egg, marine, dandelion, navy) and spice up your living space like no other. Choose designs to add a modern or 70s-inspired touch to your interior.

Orla Kiely cushions come in regular sizes (45 cm x 45 cm) and are made from high-quality cotton.

6. Emma Shipley

Emma Shipley is a fabric, scarves, bedding, furniture, and phone case designer who creates magical work. Emma’s long-term passion for pencil drawings and fantastical things reflect in her designs, including her cushions.

The Audubon Square and Amazon Boudoir are some of the best-selling products for UK home furnishing businesses, and a good reason. Her otherworldly drawings of animals like zebras, giraffes, owls, and elephants make a stunning home décor addition to any interior.

Most pillows are either 50 cm x 30 cm or 43 cm x 43 cm and are made of durable polyester.

7. Chatham & Glyn

Chatham & Glyn have run a family business for more than four generations. They are a leading brand in the UK’s home décor and furnishings sector. If you’ve seen any of their cushion designs, you’ll understand why their presence breathes new life into any room.

Botanical elements like a rainforest, protea flowers, palms, and other exotic plants, in combination with sharp, bright colours, make for a perfect final touch on any bedding set.

You can purchase a cushion cover or a filled feather or fibre cushion in the standard 43 cm x 43 cm size.

Shop Cushions UK – Discovering the Best of Designer Brands

Shopping for cushions can be a fun task. When you’re aware of the multitude of stunning designer brands, you can purchase a cushion set that matches your imagination. Give the designer brands above a try and you’re guaranteed to love the results.

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